This website is dedicated to meeting the mental health needs of our college communities!

Project Overview
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This site was developed in response to a commitment made in a California Community College Fund for Instructional Improvement grant proposal to disseminate mental health information to colleges throughout the state of California.

Increased awareness of mental health issues and sensitivity to students who are facing mental health problems can lead to a campus that is much safer, to students that are more successful, and to faculty that feel more secure in their teaching environments.  The knowledge presented in this website has been designed to assist educators in meeting these very important goals.  Educators cannot ignore the fact that our colleges are continually seeing an increase in the enrollment for students manifesting some form of mental illness.  Educators can be a student's first link to help by appropriately referring students to service sites for help.

We hope that the information proves to be as valuable to your educational communities as it has been to the colleges within the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD)  We welcome any feedback that you may have.  Appropriate training is the key to your college action plan for mental health!


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