Tips on Designing Effective Mental Health Training Activities

 This website is dedicated to meeting the mental health needs of our college communities!

Project Overview
Training Tips

  • Survey Forms Survey your potential audience (faculty, administrators, campus police, students etc.) to determine what topics are most important, what learning formats work best, and what training times are most suitable.
  • Survey your local college community and surrounding community to identify and contract with speakers that can most effectively meet your training needs. Remember to tap into the wealth of knowledge that students have in this area.
  • Identify students, faculty and staff that can assist you in collecting training materials, determining which pieces of information are most useful and incorporating original material into your training package.
  • Develop an accurate local community mental health resource file, establish an effective referral system between the college and resource site, and have the information prepared for distribution in a user-friendly format.
  • Establish a mental health film library and utilize specific films in your training events.
  • Survey Forms
  • ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE to make sure your audience comes to your event. Make sure the invitations are sent in plenty of time!
  • Check out and plan for all of the logistical features of hosting an event well in advance (parking, access to special equipment, room size, accessibility, etc.)
  • Always incorporate “feedback forms” so you can see how well you did and what might be improved for the next training event.

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