The mission of the Los Angeles Harbor College Service Learning Program is to engage students, faculty, college and agency staffs in an endeavor that combines organized community service with college coursework.

The purpose of Service Learning is to enhance critical thinking and problemsolving skills, to give greater relevancy to the relationship between classroom theory and practical application in the real world, and to encourage the development of collaborations that benefit the community.

In order to achieve our mission, Learning Network personnel will assist particicpants in the creation of
"classrooms without walls" by offering student, faculty, community and college support.

The Learning Network Office offers student support:
Registering and providing orientation to students
Coordinating pre-service screening and sevices such as TB tests
Placing students in appropriate agencies
Monitoring student scheduling and participation at age
Awarding and acknowledging participants.

Faculty support:
Providing support for service learning courses (student orientations,
Site monitoring and evalutation, mini-grants for incorporating Service Learning into courses
Sponsoring programs, speakers, and opportunities for professional growth and development

Community agency support:
Assisting in developing service programs which meet the needs of both the college and the community
Building a partnership between the college and community agencies
Assisting with student placement and evaluation
Identifying new possibilities for programs and employees
Providing mentoring opportunitiees

College support:
Furthering the goals of the Harbor College strategic plan
Facilitating teaching, research, program development and student success
Enhancing college partnerships in the community
Preparing students for the workplace and civic life in the 21st century

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